Inspired by natural landscapes and the abstract masterpieces of JW Turner – Ulster’s latest axminster, “Watercolours” mimics washes of watercolour pigment softly blending into the paper. Two designs “Amulet” and “Mineral” are available in five exciting colour ways which echo the natural elements. Deliberate yet whimsical brush strokes evoke feelings of sky and water as they run and blend into the surface of the canvas. These effortless textures are layered over classic designs to give an antiqued effect – that of a textile treasured over time so that only fragments of the pattern remain.

The range is perfect for areas where the pattern does not need to be dominant, instead reflecting the colours and fabrics in the room. The subtle blend of colours create a calming, earthy mood. Made from an 80% wool and 20% nylon composition, the range has been made for extra heavy wear usage and is available in 5 colour matching multi-widths, making it suitable for both small and large family spaces.

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